Lush Life: Face

I used to think Lush was just a place for bath bombs, cartoon-ishly enthusiastic staff and more bath bombs. As someone who is an introverted shower fan, naturally I avoided it like the last biscuit in the office kitchen (if you’re the one who eats it, how BRAZEN you are, more people need hobnob filled balls like yours).

I also used to have a skin care routine that would make a cavewoman look down her snouted nose at me. This was made up of facial wipes, moisturiser and the occasional face-mask if I wanted to make my face feel squeaky clean 7 minutes. The main issue with facial wipes comes from people flushing them down the toilet, which eventually leads to the ocean and into marine animal’s bellies, but items found in landfill can find there way there as well. As the critically acclaimed documentary Finding Nemo has taught us, “All drains lead to the ocean”, and people don’t take that to heart as much as they take Dory.

There are biodegradable wipes you can buy, but they’re not easily found, are more expensive than your good ol’ “Boots Basics”, and I thought it was time to step up my cleansing routine anyway. I’m almost 25 after all! *screams internally*

Enter LUSH.

They are the shining stars of the ethical beauty genre, so I don’t think I have to plug them tooOOoo much, but they are amazing in ways other brands don’t come close to. For one, they’re really clear on the packaging that’s recyclable and what currently isn’t, and for the tub items you get a free face-mask for every 5 pots you bring back for them to re-use. The ingredients read like a flouncy salad recipe more than a beauty product at times (think along the lines of avocado and rose water), and 80% of their selection is vegan too.

I’ve started very simply with these items to get me warmed up and in the mood for some planet saving.

All 3 better

9 – 5 Cleanser

I’ve never used a liquid cleanser before, so this is quite a bit different from your typical handy-Andy facial wipes. Some effort is needed, particularly with the under eye areas (I’m naturally constantly tired looking, added cover-up is a necessity), so a flannel is definitely needed. Flannels actually provide a lovely face steaming experience which I don’t hate, and the cleanser is so neutral it doesn’t mess up the natural ecosystem of your face. Neither overly drying nor moisturising, just leaves things naturally clean, so 5/5 all round.

Tea Tree Toner Water


My face has never felt as squeaky clean using this gem. I bought the Tea Tree Toner after having some break out issues (which I’ll get to in a second), but that hasn’t really done much to ease the situation. Nether the less, you can either spritz these two directly on to your face if you like a little tension added to your morning, or on to cotton wool pads to gentle wipe all those nooks and crannies you may have missed with your cleanser. It’s says on the bottle you can also use this as an aromatherapy treatment if you’re having a stressful day, but to me this does the exact opposite, and instead I feel like I am voluntarily experiencing what it’s like to be sneezed on mid conversation. 4/5, nothing really life changing, just a nice added extra to your morning routine.

Sea Salt Scrub

This scrub has turned out to be not my face’s friend at all. Maybe it my mis-use of it, or I underestimated my skin’s sensitivity, but it has taken me back to an alternate reality where I am 13 years old and my raging hormones have gifted me some serious chacne (chin acne). Ultimately, I was silly enough to keep using it after I noticed that I was having some issues, and it’s something I’m still trying to rewind now.


The chin destroyer

It left a weird, grey film all over my face, so much so I could lightly graze a nail over my cheek and I’d be left with a thick, greasy sludge under them. When I told the lady in Lush she told me that it was the “strong” scrub they have due to the alcohol in it, and I should stop using it right away. Fack. Lesson learnt. I’m afraid it’s a 1/5 for puberty in a pot, but it hasn’t scared me off finding my Lush spirit scrub!


Now I know my face routine can be almost 100% waste free, compared to my former life of facial wipe warrior, there’s no going back. They say it does take some time for your skin to adapt to new regime, and it does take some exploring, but the staff in Lush will ply you with so many samples and genuinely helpful advice, it couldn’t be easier to navigate.