Minding my own Beeswax Wraps

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If you’re a regular pursuer of Buzzfeed, you may have seen this video advertising a relatively unheard of product called “beeswax wrap”. It is designed to be an alternative to cling film, and can mold around food or containers to keep your left over’s fresh without wrapping them up in plastic. “Amazing!” I thought, “I must get it!” so I did!

After all, how long is the lifespan of a shredded piece of cling film before you throw it away? 24-48 hours? Give or take? These babies can last a year or even longer, depending how much you use them. They’re also biodegradable, so it will have zero impact on landfill when you eventually dispose of them.

First impressions were “F£££ing hell, they’re a bit pricey”, £17 including delivery to be exact. With cling film and sandwich bags being around £1-£2, this is not something you’d want to buy every week, but then you shouldn’t have to.

I got a mixed pack of three, so if I were to use all three sheets everyday for a year, it would cost me around 4p per use. However, there’s no way I would use them all the time, or even everyday; even if I used them every other day, meaning they’d last way longer than a year, that would be less than 1p for wrapping up an onion, which is having no impact on the environment when compared to plastic.


The thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the smell – we have been spoilt with neutral smelling plastic. It smells like earthy honey in the box, old garden centre in the fridge, but I have gotten used to it now (plus it may be something else hiding in there, you never know with fridges). But they do exactly what they say on the packet, fully covering all of my precious 5-day, and easily washed when I’m done with them.

On the package it says you can “hear the Earth breathe a sigh of relief” when you ditch the not-so fantastic plastic, which I thought was a lovely way to put it… but the level of hate this idea got online, it read like everyone else was seething through gritted teeth:

Bees are enadangerdMake your own quoteExpensive QuoteContamination Quote

We should probably be careful when they throw around words like “bees are endangered”; there are over 20,000 species of bee, and 18 are endangered at the moment, none of which are honey bees (you can find them all on the official list of endangered insects here.) In comparison, there are thousands of endangered marine animals, under threat for a multitude of reasons, with the marine litter crisis being one of them. I’m not saying bees are not in a sticky situation right now, because they are, but this is not the problem.

So it seems a few people get Hulk Hogan angry when it comes to the pennies and bees, or everyone who follows Buzzfeed does anyway. Yes, they are expensive when compared to cling film, but we straight up do not need cling film anymore really. We have tupperware, lunch boxes, crockery and now the marvellous beeswax wrap you can make yourself for a fraction of the price to fill the filmy void.

It’s a great concept, and I will be ditching cling film permanently because of it, but there are other ways to cut out plastic, and you should find what works best for you 🙂

And to the last comment: nobody said put raw meat in them, the advert only shows vegetables, and you’d hope nobody thought that was an option anyway, good gawd calm down.